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Our goal at Vital Restoration is to facilitate the body's natural healing ability and to focus on and treat the root causes of our clients pain. Our objective is to keep you doing whatever it is that you love to do with minimal pain and minimal restrictions. We take great pride in choosing and mastering the best modalities to help guide your body through the healing process.

Everyone has the capacity to Move better, giving the body the ability to Recover more efficiently and unlocking the potential to Perform better. Pain management and healing from pain is another benefit of this process of improved movement. At Vital Restoration, it is our focus to create and implement a treatment plan as a team (whether it be with just yourself and therapist, or other medical professionals) to make this process as efficient as possible freeing you from restricting joints and minimizing or eliminating your pain.

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262 S Main Street

Romeo, MI 48065

Tel: 248-606-9217

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